We see ourselves as partners to our clients. Not just as a mere service provider. We turn your passion into ours by immersing ourselves in all that you do.

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We  create the most impactful way to tell your story so that it is engaging to your audience and our extensive relationship with broadcast, print, lifestyle and social media will ensure your awareness is raised continuously. 


We spend a lot of time with our clients in understanding the world they operate within. We uncover the true nature of the brand and its essence and this allows us to create content for pretty much any material required.


We find ways to bring like-minded brands together. Building a relationship on our clients' behalf comes naturally since it feels like we’re sharing our story not your story.



At the heart of what we do, we help clients communicate, engage and build relationships by creating exceptional content and publicity opportunities.


In an ever changing consumer and business landscape conversations can start anywhere.


We believe that brands need to be pro-active in their approach, drive the engagement with influencers, strengthen relationships and unlock meaningful participation.


And Jigsaw PR acts as a partner in this journey, offering solutions, strong messaging and content worthy of engagement.




The Old Tannery

40 Hermon Road

Wellington, 7655



Tel: 021 873 2199

Mobile: 084 666 9972

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