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New extra old single estate rum launched

Mauritian producer, importer, and distributor, Grays Inc Ltd, has extended its Lazy Dodo Rum range with an extra old single estate rum, paying tribute to the exceptional quality of the local sugar cane fields, the ambient personality of the island, and the legacy of the dodo, the extinct flightless bird endemic to Mauritius.

Crafted from locally collected molasses and non-chill filtered, the Lazy Dodo XO Chronicles, is an extra old single estate rum, aged for a minimum of 13 years in a combination of French oak, ex-Cognac, and ex-Bourbon casks.

The premium rum joins the first launched in the range, the Lazy Dodo Rum, a signature blend matured in French and American Oak for up to 10 years.

The Chronicles label will see a yearly release of single estate rums, each sharing new stories of the life of the dodo in remembrance of Mauritius’ national symbol and the island’s true native.

Distilled and matured at the New Grove Distillery, the rum’s narrative charmingly illustrates the charismatic and flamboyant last remaining dodo, Mathurin, in a quirky and heart-warming tale of voyages, discovery, breath-taking natural sources, and the pleasures of laid-back days on the island.

Believed to have lived in the forests of Mauritius, the dodos had a thriving population until the Dutch and Portuguese reached the island towards the end of the 1500s, dwindling their numbers until their extinction around 1681.

The dodo frequently appears in works of popular fiction, even before its extinction, as a symbol for exotic lands and for an affinity to being lazy. They were fearless and flightless, and with an abundance of food and no predators (other than traveling sailors), they lived the most indolent life on the island.

The rum proudly represents the quality of Made in Moris, inviting us all to linger longer, embrace a sense of curiosity and adventure, enjoy the simple pleasures of life, and most importantly remind us of our integral relationship with the planet and its creatures.

Natural in colour, the Lazy Dodo XO Chronicles is a fine example of premium Mauritian rum. The rum’s delicate copper shades lead to ripe orange, caramelised sugar, and menthol freshness on the palate with a lingering warm finish of lemongrass, orange zest and wood. A wonderful companion when paired with desserts, cigars, or enjoyed as a digestive.


Grays Inc Ltd, founded in 1931, is part of the Terra Group of companies and one of the top distributors of local and imported products in Mauritius.

With a rich portfolio of internationally recognised brands. Grays Inc Ltd is a leading importer and distributor of wines and spirits from around the world to Mauritius.

Over time, they have diversified their operations into three pillars of distribution - home and personal care, food products, and wines and spirits - and launched a successful series of retail outlets, namely 20/Vin, L’Occitane, M.A.C. Cosmetics and Beauty Success.

The company values its Mauritian identity and fosters sustainable business practices on the island by embedding all decision-making in social and environmental objectives.


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