Over the past four years Jigsaw PR has assisted SASOP in becoming the definitive voice on mental health issues in South Africa.

From raising awareness on mental health conditions in an effort to educate the public and offer solutions in terms of help provided, to raising the flag on state facility mental health conditions.

Jigsaw PR pro-actively ensured that as COVID-19 became a reality in SA, experts started and contributed to the dialogue on mental health during lockdown and about the reality of bed shortages in regards to the pandemic.

Publicity achieved to date (2020)

For the period January – June 2020 Jigsaw PR generated 370 clippings and a value of R15 million achieved.

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AVE is Advertising Value Equivalent. It is a universal measurement used to calculate the value of the publicity by using the amount of space allocated to the free editorial in terms of advertising cost should the segment/editorial have been paid for.

Case Study: Example 1

Topic: COVID-19 - Mental Health care is vital during lockdown

Spokesperson: Dr Kagisho Maaroganye

Examples of coverage:

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Case Study: Example 2

Topic: COVID-19 Managing anxiety with alcohol ban

Spokesperson: Dr Lize Weich and Dr Eugene Allers

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Examples of coverage:

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Case Study: Example 3

Topic: COVID-19 Shortages of beds for mental health patients

Spokesperson: Dr Kagisho Maaroganye and Prof Bonga Chiliza

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Examples of coverage:

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